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  • Altitude trekking : anorak, sleeping bag, gloves, polar jacket, water proof jacket, wool cap, thermal underwear, mountain eyeglasses, front lantern, bottle of water, sun cream, personal first-aid kit, pills for purify water, sun hat.

  • Climbing: the same things mentioned before + mountain gloves, mountain pants, thermarest, harness, granpoons, ice axes, boots, descendedor, ascendedor or cordinos of 5 mm for prusiks, tapes, mosquetones, leggings, helmet.

  • Tropical trekking: water proof clothes, light sleeping bag, eyeglasses, sun hat, sun cream, front lantern, personal first-aid kit, pills for purify water, mosquito repellent, vaccination against malaria and yellow fever.


  • In trekking and climbing each client loads his belongings for the day.
  • Our kitchen and dining equipment it's compound by: cutlery, pots, kitchenettes, table, seats, dining room tent, cook tent, lamp.
  • Our camping equipment it's compound by: toilet tent, igloo tents 4 stations for each 2 clients, sponge mattresses.
  • In our expeditions you have insurance in the event of catastrophe, accidents and medical expenses without caring if you already have your own insurance from your country.
  • Our guides carry a cellular telephone for contacts with our operation center every two day or in any emergency moment.
  • In trekking or climbing the food is balanced, good quality and cooked as in any restaurant with reputation of the city.
  • We always have a free horse to any client's disposition with impossibilities to finish the trek of the day.
  • If you have little or any experience in ice climbing and you want to climb a mountain with PD grade, we can give you a short instruction of mountaineering in previous days so that you feel in possibility of achieving your wanted goal.
  • If you need some trekking or climbing equipment, we have equipment in stock for rent; also you can buy equipment visiting some specialized stores in La Paz, however, the variety could be smaller that in your country.

We have prepared an extensive photo gallery of Bolivia, a collection made by more than 15 years traveling around the country. Probably one of the best collection of images available on-line and for free, enjoy it.....click here!!!

probablemente una de las mejores recopilaciones disponible on-line


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