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The Bolivian Andes represents the widest range in the South American Andes, embracing 38% of the national territory. This great extension of high mountains above 18.000 and 21.500 feets, with tropical glaciers, nature and extraordinary landscapes makes that the lovers of trekking and climbing from all the world calls to this mountain range: “The adventure of the new century”.

Condoriri, Huayna Potosí, Madidi National Park , "El Choro" Inka Trail they are challenges that wait for the adventurers.

"El Choro" Inca Trail
4 days

This trek guides us through a zone of great contrasts from glaciated peaks to sub-tropical rain forest. We bring back to life the 2500 year old history of Tiwanaku and the Inka, walking on an ancient trail built with obvious engineering knowledge...

Condoriri - Huayna Potosí
4 days
The area was first explored by europeans when the English mountaineer William Martin Conway visited it at the end of the nineteenth century. Conway later said, that while night fell, clouds of condors would pass flying above their heads...

Madidi National Park
7 days
Located in the northwest of Bolivia, this area consists of a full array of tropical ecosystems. Madidi’s vast wilderness area encompasses unparalleled biological diversity ranging from mountain cloud forest to dry tropical forest, humid lowland rainforest to savannah, wild rivers to lakes.....

Cordillera Real
12 days
Beautiful contrasts from the summits covered with glaciers of the Real Mountain range to the tropical humid forest of the Yungas. Hundred of bird's species, mammals and reptiles concentrate on diverse ecological sections, walking from the snowy montains from Negruni (15.680 feet). to the humid and warm forests (3.840 feet)t

FIT TOURS. Fixed International Tours
We have designed an chronograme of climbings for the whole year. This tours have the exit guaranteed, with 1 or 6 people. During the tour you will share the experience with a group of international outventurous...





We have prepared an extensive photo gallery of Bolivia, a collection made by more than 15 years traveling around the country. Probably one of the best collection of images available on-line and for free, enjoy it.....click here!!!

probablemente una de las mejores recopilaciones disponible on-line

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